Best Exercises to Heal Your Core and Flatten That Post-Baby Tummy (e-book)

Written by: Urska Gestrin Mosquera


  • This e-book is for anyone Who Is Experiencing Any of the Following:
  • Just had a baby
  • Deals with ab separation
  • Struggles with low self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Doesn’t think she can ever lose the “baby bulge”
  • Suffers from back pain, posture problems, and/or vaginal discomfort postpartum
  • Wants to get her body, abs, and mind back on track
  • This 20 page Downloadable ebook (pdf format) contains 6 best exercise to help heal the core and flatten the postnatal tummy
  • You will also find it useful if you are struggling to lose that mummy tummy
  • It also includes 7 exercises to AVOID if you have abdominal separation
  • Get this book FREE with purchase of Nutrition & Lifestyle Guide ebook
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