Toddler Class

From goo-goo, ga-ga to Cha Cha Cha!

Latino Bambino Toddler class – where instrument playing, Spanish singing, Latin moves and laughter are all blended into a fun weekly session that both you and your bambino will love!
Energetic, fun-filled dance class for children 1-4 years old combines an exciting mix of movement and musical fun with colourful props that help develop children’s imagination and creativity.


Here’s what they have to say…

“At last, a dance class for toddlers and above that’s taught by a real dancer! My daughter absolutely loves the sessions, following the movements and has very much warmed to the instructor. Have recommended to several friends who are all now regulars!”


Father to Harper 2 yrs

“Seeing my funny little pair, Jacques and Elise (3 yrs. and 18 months”) flying around the room holding their unicorn ribbons firmly on their heads (sometimes off to the side) always made me laugh. At the end of a tough week with two toddlers the joy and colour of Latino Bambino’s class is so uplifting. It is just lovely to all have fun together.”


Anne Kennedy-Levesque

“Sofia loved the toddler class. It helped her to develop great moves; I am sure she loves dancing thanks to you! She liked all the different dances and props and always remembers her “hips, hips move your dancing hips” class. I highly recommend.”


Mum to Sofia 3yrs

“Luke loves the Latino Bambino Toddler class. And he always talks about Urska and the class when we’re on our way and during the rest of the week.”

Anna Prasad

Mum to Luke 2yrs

“Maya tells me how much she looks forward to dancing with her friends each week. She has fun while learning about movement, co-ordination, music, colours, numbers, parts of the body and all the other concepts Urska cleverly weaves into each session.”


Mum to Maya, 2 yrs

Latino Bambino is a great way to enjoy time with your baby, get some exercise, learn new skills and just generally cheer you up for the rest of the week.  I first discovered Urska’s classes when my baby daughter was a couple of months old. I loved the way that, unlike other mother and baby fitness classes, the babies are right at the centre of the action, stimulated by the music and dancing, rather than just passively looking on.
The class was for both of us equally, and I still can’t say who enjoyed it more.
Two years later I’m back with my new baby boy, and it’s every bit as fun as I remember.  But even better, my little girl now has her own toddler class to attend! She loves the ribbons, pompoms, bells and countless other exciting props which Urska cleverly uses to introduce different dances to the children, and has graduated seamlessly from a Latino baby to a Latino toddler. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that there’ll be Latino kids classes too in the future!


Toddler Clementine, baby Buzz, Islington Class

The award winning class gives your little one the freedom and confidence to grow and develop cognitive, social, emotional and motor skills. It also promotes bonding experience for all involved.

The children and parents are encouraged to express themselves freely through play. This is when learning becomes a natural process.

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