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There are three main types of learning — visual, kinaesthetic and auditory.

Latino Bambino Toddler™ classes are designed to help your child learn through many learning styles however children learn best through the following 3 styles of learnings:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic

Usually children use all three equally, but there may be a style that allows them to thrive.

What Learner Type is Your Child
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What Learner Type is Your Child

Visual or Spatial learning is a learning style in which ideas, concepts and other information are associated with images and techniques. If your child is a visual learner use images, pictures, colour and other visual media to help him/her learn about the world. Visual learners have good spatial sense and love drawing, scribbling and doodling, especially with colours.

Indications your child is a visual learner

  • A vivid imagination
  • A good sense of direction and an understanding of maps
  • An interest in art: painting, drawing, or crafts
  • Love of reading and books
  • Recognition of people, faces, and places
  • A strong memory that relays visually-observed information
  • A keen interest in observing the world around him/her

Aural or Auditory learning is a learning style in which a person learns through listening. If your child is an aural learner, use sounds, rhyme and music in his/her learnings. Auditory learners also use their listening and repeating skills to sort through the information that is sent to them.

Indications your child is an auditory learner

  • Aptitude in music, instruments, or vocal ability
  • Tendency to sing along to songs or to create her own songs as she plays
  • Love for talking and communication
  • Strong verbal ability
  • Great at listening well and following verbal directions
  • Perking up when she hears music or dialog
  • Sharp ability to notice sounds that others don’t recognize

What Learner Type is Your Child
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What Learner Type is Your Child

Kinaesthetic or Tactile learning style is where you use your body and sense of touch to learn about the world around you instead of listening to a lecture or watching a demonstration. Use touch, action, movement and hands-on work in your child’s learning activities. Use physical objects as much as possible as you learn what they do.

Indications your child is a kinaesthetic learner

  • Aptitude in sports, dance, or other physical activities
  • Tendency to fidget while in her seat — she may need to move while processing information
  • Frequent use of gestures when speaking or explaining things
  • Enjoyment of hands-on activities
  • Love of writing, drawing, or handwriting exercises
  • Early physical development, such as walking, crawling, or sitting early
  • Strong hand-eye coordination
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